Monday, May 7, 2012

Camping fun with preschoolers

Camping is great family fun, and out in nature there are many things you can do that do not cost you a penny. Free entertainment is a great way to stick to your budget. Here are some fun ideas to try when you have preschoolers and toddlers at camp.

On our second full day of camping Wednesday July 1 2009, I woke to sunlight streaming through the windows of the camper and birds chirping all around me. There was a mist rising from the trees that simply was very breathtaking and relaxing.

There is nothing but trees and wildflowers when you open the door to our camper and it was so nice to see that image when I chose to get up and greet the day. Tons of berries are out there too, and the earliest berries are starting to ripen.

My daughter accompanied my niece to a doctor's appointment so my grandchildren joined us at the campsite for a few hours. They arrived early at 8:30 eager to start their day.

I stoked the fire with hopes of removing some hot coals to get a jump-start in the cinder block campfire stove to begin breakfast. However, plans for bacon and eggs were forgotten when I spotted the hot dogs. The little ones enjoy hot dogs and found it fascinating that I was cooking their hot dogs this way. Both little ones sat on the bench with eager anticipation.

There is absolutely nothing in the world that tastes better when you are camping than a hot dog cooked over the open fire. Those extended forks that you cook marshmallows on work excellent on hot dogs too, and cooked my hot dogs to darkened perfection.

My parents arrived on their four wheelers and brought scrambled eggs with cheese it was a nice delivery at the campsite. We had hot dogs and eggs for breakfast, which the little kids loved.

The little ones a preschooler and a toddler loved hanging out at the campsite, checking out the fire from a safe distance and stumping in mud puddles. When they get antsy with that they played on the many toys available. We have a central area for their playthings, such as bikes, slides, trucks, and dolls it is playtime heaven for these little ones.

I walked my grandchildren on a little hike where we saw a family of bunnies. We also picked fresh raspberries from the vine. Because we are in a field it is safe to allow the little children to run and play and my grandchildren had so much fun on that walk.

Allowing children to run and play in a field where they are safe makes, them feel more independent. I was always close by so they were safe, but they were free to run all over with no danger from being hit by a car.

My granddaughter who is five enjoyed her first ever four-wheeler ride with my mom. However, my grandson who is a toddler would not go near a four-wheeler while it was running. Tip if you are going to put a five year old on a four-wheeler you need a helmet, and the adult driving needs to take it slow.