Monday, April 30, 2012

Buy a cheap camper

Camping is a fun way to have a vacation and stay in your budget. However, purchasing a camper is usually out of the budget for most families in the current economy. I have a budget friendly way for you to be able to afford that camper so your family can enjoy a camping this year.

Look around your local area for these you can locate them as you drive to the grocery store or in the newspaper. Sometimes on bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundry mats, and libraries, you can find low cost campers.

If you cannot locate anything locally within your budget try eBay camper and RV search. You can find a motor home, pull behind, or pop-up camper within your budget. However, before you buy something expensive, ask the sellers for more images or travel to see the purchase.

Always check feedback and of course, any shipping charges before making a bid. Who knows this maybe just what you are looking for.

You may want to look on the site for good deals in your area or locations close to you. You can usually see more images and a phone number so you can call and ask questions.

You could try a place where they sell campers and rvs' and ask about the trade in models. These are usually outdated models but are usually in fine working order. Rich people simple change their campers as faster than the rest of us.

Sometimes with a used camper, there are minor things wrong with it. Some of these things are cosmetic and easily fixed. If the paneling is broken or scratched, you can easily replace that part or wall paper it.
If the refrigerator, electric or stove do not work who cares. Take a cooler, and use flashlights or those battery-operated lights at night. A broken stove is not a problem, as you should be cooking over an open fire anyways.

People do time shares on vacation houses and condominiums all the time, but it does get expensive. Have you ever thought of doing this? Used campers can run 300-700 dollars, which make it out of reach for some people.

What happens if you split that cost with two or three families this way no one is paying a huge price? You simply need to find enough families who have a little money to spare and that you trust.

Plan which family will have the camper on what weeks, this way there are no disagreements when it comes time for your vacation. Verbal agreements are fine for some groups, while others may need to have things written down.

If all families agree to keep the camper, clean and follow the vacation schedule and keep the camper in good repair than there should be no problem with this way of saving.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Camper or Tent?

Which is better, a camper or a tent when one goes camping? That of course depends on personal tastes, age and abilities. Me, I love sleeping in a camper in comfort but I will sleep in a tent if I have too.

The comfort in a camper is noticeably better then compared to sleeping in a tent. Even if you were sleeping in a tent on an air mattress or a cot, the comfort cannot match that of a camper.

Most modern campers have thick comfortable mattresses, but even if you have an old one you can still have added comfort simply by remaking the mattresses. Couch cushions when placed under the mattress will add comfort.

You can also add sheets to have a higher standard of comfort, because as we all know the material used to cover traditional camper mattresses needs to be durable, which means it is scratchy.
The ground the matter how many blankets you put under your sleeping bag, or air mattress is never soft enough to get comfortable.

Even if your camper does not have electricity to run the heater, you are still warmer in here than you would be in a tent. The structure of the manufactured camper will block out some of the wind and dampness allowing you to get a more comfortable restful sleep.

This storage options within a camp where are much better than a tent. With so many storage compartments, it is easy to store everything out of the way giving you more walking, sitting, and relaxing space.

Security in a camper is a better than a tent, simply because you can toss everything into the camper when you need to go away. As long as there is a lock on the door the items inside remain safe and secure.

Your family is also safer at night sleeping inside from erratic weather and the wild animals. Although I have never had a snake enter any tent that I have been sleeping in, I have heard of it happening. In a camper, it simply does not happen.

The tent is more portable if you simply have a car or truck without a hitch. It is so easy to pitch a tent in many places and to move it to change the scenery.

Whatever your personal preferences are I hope you remain safe on your summer vacations. I am so happy we have a camper, as I am too old to sleep on the ground comfortably these days. I still get to enjoy nature at its finest around the bonfire.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Backyard Camping

Backyard camping is not only for children! My friend Sharon was mentioning that it has been awhile since she has been camping and she misses it I am creating this article for her and others who think you need to leave home to enjoy nature. Backyard camping makes tons of sense if you stop and think about it.

If you live in the country, you may have the perfect spot to pitch a tent already. If you have a level area among the trees, you have the perfect place to pitch a tent. If you do not have a level area than level out an area which is suitable.

Make sure you clean the brush so that it is not destroying your tent. If you have an old rug or big piece of carpeting, you can lay it on the ground as extra padding beneath you.

If it is your property, you never have to worry about paying park fees, which are increasing each year.
There are many benefits to this type of camping. There are no gas fees, and with the price of gasoline in recent summers, this is a godsend to many.

Another benefit is that you can sleep outside when you feel the desire. You need not worry about leaving valuables in your tent if it is in your property.

If you have animals, they can enjoy camping on their own property as well. There is no need to uproot dogs or cats that will minimize their stress. They will certainly enjoy you being outside so much with them during your vacation.

If you do not have a tent, you can curl up on an air mattress or rough it with a sleeping bag and the ground. There is nothing like sleeping under the stars to renew your spirit and be at one with nature.

Screened in porches are also excellent places to crash for the night so you can remain dry if it decides to rain during the night. Sleeping on a porch or deck will keep away the critters and slithering snakes. Snakes are the reason I dislike sleeping on the open ground any longer.

Pitching a tent on your property means less packing for the trip, electric and indoor bathrooms. You can shower at your convenience, and not worry about leaving the campsite unattended.

Do not take the phone with you, that is what answering machines are for. Leave technology inside and become one with nature and you will have a restful mini vacation any time you need it.

Of course, if you have an emergency an added benefit for backyard camping is you have the telephone near by if needed. However if you play it safe, the chances of an emergency occurring is drastically limited.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Colored flames in a campfire

Colored flames in a campfire are a neat way to bring some laughter. Make these with common household substances and a piece of duct tape. You can get a single packet of this material from Wal-Mart for about 5 bucks. I am not responsible for your actions if you decide to try any of these at home.

Colored flames are also a great way to make people think you are very smart or perhaps a little magical. Bring out the magic in you at your next bon f ire or the next time you are sitting around the campfire.

This would be funny to do if you live in the country and use a burning barrel. Prepare your packet of colored flames and toss it in the burning barrel to delight your neighbors.

If you want to scare the crap out of someone, make the packet toss it in the garbage bag before they take it out.

First for each of the colored flames, recipes listed below you need plain ordinary duct tape. You need to make sure you get the wider roll as it is easier to work with. There are plenty of colors of duct tape so you can get your favorite. Once your packet is created just toss it into the fire and watch the fun begin.

For light yellow or and light green colored flames you simply need borax. Simply cut a one-inch piece of duct tape and lay it on a flat surface. Next, add 1 teaspoonful of the borax. Fold the duct tape into a little packet, making sure to seal each seam by pressing the duct tape together.

For nice violet purple colored flames, purchase some saltpeter. Saltpeter sometimes called potassium nitrate. Cut your duct tape as directed above. Add a teaspoon of the saltpeter to it. Make your packet as you did before.

Dark purple colored flames can be made with water softener salt at Wal-Mart. Cut your duct tape as directed above. Add a teaspoon of the water softener to it. Make your packet as you did before.

For nice white colored flames, purchase some Epsom Salt. Ask your grandma for some Epsom Salt rather than purchasing a box as all you will need is a teaspoon. Cut your duct tape as directed above. Add a teaspoon of the Epsom Salt to it. Make your packet as you did before.

For bright blue colored flames, you simply need calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is damp rid and it takes moisture out of a damp cellar. Cut your duct tape as directed above. Add a teaspoon of the damp rid to it. Make your packet as you did before.

Once more, I am not responsible for your actions if you decide to try any of these at home.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Camping Games for Rainy days

A few Yahtzee games for rainy days at camp will not only help everyone pass the time easier but it will also get in some hidden match skills for children. Children need to keep up those math skills in the summer, less they forget how to count. It happens, kids do forget simple math things over the summer.

Phase 10 dice game is played with lots of dice, and it is played like Yahtzee sort of. Players make runs and sets of different numbers, which makes it more like the classic game. It is played with more dice, which makes it even more exciting.

Flinch is a great card game that has been around for many years. It was introduced back in 1903 as a card game, which could be played solo, or with up to four people. Players try to get rid of stockpiles that they are dealt by discarding cards in piles where the cards ascend or descend.

This game was fun game in my childhood when I would sit and play it with an aunt and my elderly grandparents. I remember sitting on top of Mount Pisgah playing this game with them during many rainy and sunny days.

Bingo is a great game to play with kids of any age who can read numbers. This is a game, which can be played with different ages, but younger kids will become bored quickly with longer versions.
Grab a few decks of cards and visit this site for tons of card game ideas you can play with your family. This web site has many instructions, and some of the variations have photo guides.

Resources for camping games phase 10 various card games