Monday, April 30, 2012

Buy a cheap camper

Camping is a fun way to have a vacation and stay in your budget. However, purchasing a camper is usually out of the budget for most families in the current economy. I have a budget friendly way for you to be able to afford that camper so your family can enjoy a camping this year.

Look around your local area for these you can locate them as you drive to the grocery store or in the newspaper. Sometimes on bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundry mats, and libraries, you can find low cost campers.

If you cannot locate anything locally within your budget try eBay camper and RV search. You can find a motor home, pull behind, or pop-up camper within your budget. However, before you buy something expensive, ask the sellers for more images or travel to see the purchase.

Always check feedback and of course, any shipping charges before making a bid. Who knows this maybe just what you are looking for.

You may want to look on the site for good deals in your area or locations close to you. You can usually see more images and a phone number so you can call and ask questions.

You could try a place where they sell campers and rvs' and ask about the trade in models. These are usually outdated models but are usually in fine working order. Rich people simple change their campers as faster than the rest of us.

Sometimes with a used camper, there are minor things wrong with it. Some of these things are cosmetic and easily fixed. If the paneling is broken or scratched, you can easily replace that part or wall paper it.
If the refrigerator, electric or stove do not work who cares. Take a cooler, and use flashlights or those battery-operated lights at night. A broken stove is not a problem, as you should be cooking over an open fire anyways.

People do time shares on vacation houses and condominiums all the time, but it does get expensive. Have you ever thought of doing this? Used campers can run 300-700 dollars, which make it out of reach for some people.

What happens if you split that cost with two or three families this way no one is paying a huge price? You simply need to find enough families who have a little money to spare and that you trust.

Plan which family will have the camper on what weeks, this way there are no disagreements when it comes time for your vacation. Verbal agreements are fine for some groups, while others may need to have things written down.

If all families agree to keep the camper, clean and follow the vacation schedule and keep the camper in good repair than there should be no problem with this way of saving.

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