Monday, April 23, 2012

Camper or Tent?

Which is better, a camper or a tent when one goes camping? That of course depends on personal tastes, age and abilities. Me, I love sleeping in a camper in comfort but I will sleep in a tent if I have too.

The comfort in a camper is noticeably better then compared to sleeping in a tent. Even if you were sleeping in a tent on an air mattress or a cot, the comfort cannot match that of a camper.

Most modern campers have thick comfortable mattresses, but even if you have an old one you can still have added comfort simply by remaking the mattresses. Couch cushions when placed under the mattress will add comfort.

You can also add sheets to have a higher standard of comfort, because as we all know the material used to cover traditional camper mattresses needs to be durable, which means it is scratchy.
The ground the matter how many blankets you put under your sleeping bag, or air mattress is never soft enough to get comfortable.

Even if your camper does not have electricity to run the heater, you are still warmer in here than you would be in a tent. The structure of the manufactured camper will block out some of the wind and dampness allowing you to get a more comfortable restful sleep.

This storage options within a camp where are much better than a tent. With so many storage compartments, it is easy to store everything out of the way giving you more walking, sitting, and relaxing space.

Security in a camper is a better than a tent, simply because you can toss everything into the camper when you need to go away. As long as there is a lock on the door the items inside remain safe and secure.

Your family is also safer at night sleeping inside from erratic weather and the wild animals. Although I have never had a snake enter any tent that I have been sleeping in, I have heard of it happening. In a camper, it simply does not happen.

The tent is more portable if you simply have a car or truck without a hitch. It is so easy to pitch a tent in many places and to move it to change the scenery.

Whatever your personal preferences are I hope you remain safe on your summer vacations. I am so happy we have a camper, as I am too old to sleep on the ground comfortably these days. I still get to enjoy nature at its finest around the bonfire.

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