Monday, April 16, 2012

Backyard Camping

Backyard camping is not only for children! My friend Sharon was mentioning that it has been awhile since she has been camping and she misses it I am creating this article for her and others who think you need to leave home to enjoy nature. Backyard camping makes tons of sense if you stop and think about it.

If you live in the country, you may have the perfect spot to pitch a tent already. If you have a level area among the trees, you have the perfect place to pitch a tent. If you do not have a level area than level out an area which is suitable.

Make sure you clean the brush so that it is not destroying your tent. If you have an old rug or big piece of carpeting, you can lay it on the ground as extra padding beneath you.

If it is your property, you never have to worry about paying park fees, which are increasing each year.
There are many benefits to this type of camping. There are no gas fees, and with the price of gasoline in recent summers, this is a godsend to many.

Another benefit is that you can sleep outside when you feel the desire. You need not worry about leaving valuables in your tent if it is in your property.

If you have animals, they can enjoy camping on their own property as well. There is no need to uproot dogs or cats that will minimize their stress. They will certainly enjoy you being outside so much with them during your vacation.

If you do not have a tent, you can curl up on an air mattress or rough it with a sleeping bag and the ground. There is nothing like sleeping under the stars to renew your spirit and be at one with nature.

Screened in porches are also excellent places to crash for the night so you can remain dry if it decides to rain during the night. Sleeping on a porch or deck will keep away the critters and slithering snakes. Snakes are the reason I dislike sleeping on the open ground any longer.

Pitching a tent on your property means less packing for the trip, electric and indoor bathrooms. You can shower at your convenience, and not worry about leaving the campsite unattended.

Do not take the phone with you, that is what answering machines are for. Leave technology inside and become one with nature and you will have a restful mini vacation any time you need it.

Of course, if you have an emergency an added benefit for backyard camping is you have the telephone near by if needed. However if you play it safe, the chances of an emergency occurring is drastically limited.

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