Monday, January 30, 2012

Camping Year Long Items

If you enjoying camping, you know there some things that you can leave there all season long! That means less to haul each time you need to get away. Here is a brief list of items you can leave in a camper all season.

Games and activities
Do not forget games and activities to keep your family entertained in the event of rainy days while you were camping. Good ideas to include are a deck of cards, a card game, dice, writing implements, and a notebook or two.

If you are camping with children, include puzzles, coloring books, crayons, and other activities to keep them happy and they are stuck inside.

You can add balls, jacks and other playthings kids will enjoy in your home away from home. Camping is a vacation for everyone in the family, so include activities for all age groups.

Some clothing is permissible to leave in the camper after you open up for the summer. Make sure you have a clean outfit for each member of the family for both high and chilly temperatures. Be sure to include warm socks that your family can use any time in the camper for those chilly mornings or nights. Extra shoes always come in handy.

It is a great idea to keep a light jacket or sweater in there as well for those cold damp rainy nights.

Canned goods will be fine when you need to store them in the camper. When you are opening your camper for the season make, sure you stock it with canned goods that your family can enjoy. Make sure you have a can opener as well to ensure that you can open the cans.

Any fresh fruits, vegetables, along with some snack items will have to be removed each time you leave the camper for a few days. However, things like marshmallows and bags of snacks if they are sealed can sit in airtight containers to maintain the freshness.

This way when you return to camp when you have a few days you really do not have to bring very much food as the camper is already stocked.

Pest control
Keep a bottle or two of OFF insect repellent spray around. I like the spray because one can spray it on the screens and this will prevent bugs from entering the camper that way. You could also spray it on curtains.

Wear the insect repellent bracelets on your body, but you can also stretch these around table legs, hang it on garbage cans or other places to keep bugs away. Wipe all surfaces clean after food prep or mealtime and that will help immensely.

Waterproof matches are important do not forget them, and keep them stored in the camper.

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