Monday, February 20, 2012

Mountain Pies and Hobo Pies

Mountain Pies, also called hobo pies among other things, are a sure fire campfire hit. These mountain pies can be filled with many ingredients to be a main dish, a quick snack or even a scrumptious desert.

These are simply 2 pieces of buttered bread (white or wheat) which are filled and then grilled to perfection.
Every thing tastes better over a campfire so try these quick ideas on your next camping vacation.

Mountain or hobo pies are small hot pockets of bread that are cooked over a campfire. You can fill these with all sorts of good foodstuff. These have many names, and are made all over the world in different cultures, so you are sure to find your favorites.

There is various mountain pie makers which can be seen on Amazon if you have no clue what I am speaking of. Do your family a favor and purchase one of these for your next trip and your family will thank you repeatedly.

AppleJackMountain Pies
Please butter your bread and add in fresh slices of apples, apple pie filling, or even applesauce. Sprinkle on cinnamon, raisins and cook as directed.

Mixed berry hobo Pies
Once you bread is prepared and placed into the cooker, top it with your favorite berries which are in season. Sprinkle with sugar if you must, and cook as directed.

ChocolateRaspberryMountain Pies
Prepare your bread. Add in half a regular size Hershey's chocolate bar and a hand full of fresh picked raspberries. You could use white chocolate or special dark in this version. If raspberries are not to your liking try cherries, blueberries or your favorite type of berry.

Pizza hobo pies
If you wish to create a Pizza hobo version, prepare your bread and top with your favorite pizza sauce. Add in the sausage, pepperoni, cheese, or other ingredients and cook as directed. Do not over stuff your pie as the hot filling will run out and you may get burnt.

Meat and Cheese
If you have chunks of chicken, pork, beef or sausage left from summer, toss them on two pieces of bread. There is no better comfort food than a grilled ham and cheese, but in this twist, you can use chunks of ham or a variety of cheeses. Use you imagination and come up with something creative for your family.

Meat salad mountain pies
If you have tuna, chicken or ham salad you can create these sensations for your family. Take care not to over stuff the meat salad, as you would not want to risk a family member or friend being burnt.
Please all any of these mountain or hobo pies to cool down before they are eaten.

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