Thursday, August 23, 2012

Camping and a Wedding

I miss camping with my family a whole bunch. I used to go camping with my extended family quite often but after my dad passed no one felt like going. This is understandable but I still miss it just the same.

 This weekend as my one sister gets married; we have the opportunity to once more camp out. Considering I do not have a car and must rely on others to escort me places, I may end up camping out. This will be fun without a doubt but I sure will miss the comfort of sleeping in a camper where I am off the hard damp ground!

The wedding itself and reception afterwards will be fun. This is a unique wedding, which all second weddings should be. Our family is unique by any measure but this wedding is going to make us stand out. Yes, someone will be videotaping the wedding procession, which will be the unique part.

I have never been in a wedding so that alone will be different to me and to be doing this ‘first’ with all my sisters is awesome. Our dad will be watching from heaven as the ‘sisters’ give away our other sister to her new husband. I know this will be a very special time for all of us.   

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