Monday, July 7, 2014

Recycled Bathtub Cooler

Keeping soda, and other drinks cold when you are camping can be quite mystifying. You can fill multiple coolers and keep filling them with ice, which limits the amount of drinks you can keep cool or you can adopt the way that we do. Here is an exceptional idea that allows you to reuse a used fiberglass bathtub into a huge cooler, which is large enough to handle drinks for an entire extensive family while camping. A bathtub can hold many drinks, and it is something that we needed as an extended family of 62, we grow over the past summer.
Obtain a used fiberglass bathtub, from a dwelling, which is being remodeled. This needs to be a full size tub, and it does not need to be perfect. I would stay away from tubs, which come from homes, which have been condemned, as you never know the health risks.
Take the tub home, and put it atop a table so that you can work upon it. Remove everything from the fiberglass bathtub, the drain, and the screws, which go with it. Use an electric or hand drill to put random holes in the bathtub, for water flow. You want water to circulate through the recycled bathtub naturally.
Make sure you put some holes high and low so if one is blocked by something in the water there are more areas for the water to flow into the tub. You will also need to drill a few holes on the end if there are not holes high and low. The water needs to go through the tub and come out on the other side so that it is not stagnating.
Load the bathtub in the truck, this is a job for the men of the family and, drive it to the campsite. Drive the truck as close to the water as you can get without going in it. Carry the bathtub to the creek and submerge it in the water. You want the water level at least partly up the bathtub and the water to flow inside, move if needed if the water does not flow inside the tub.
Place drinks into zip lock plastic bags and put them in the bathtub to get cold. The bag will keep your bottles and cans clean and allow for a quick pick up at the end of camping. With zip lock bags, you can keep condiments in this bathtub cooler and reserve your portable coolers for salads and food items.
This is a perfect camping fresh water cooler for when the extended family or a large group of people go camping together at the waterside.

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