Monday, July 14, 2014

Baked Beans Camfire

Here is a great recipe for baked beans that is sure to please a crowd, and it can be cooked on a campfire. This large recipe will feed up to 62 people with leftovers for the next day.
One number 10 can pound of Grandma Brown's baked beans
1 pound bags each of frozen peppers onions
2 pounds of sausage
1 pound of Kraft shredded cheese
One large canning pan
One cinder block campfire enclosure with grates
I gathered my supplies before I left home the night before the big picnic placing the bags of peppers and onions in a cooler along with the bag of shredded cheese. The frozen peppers and onions were chopped to ease my work at the campsite, and frozen to help keep the cheese cold in the cooler with minimal ice.
My sister had made fresh sausage to have with the pancakes that morning at the campsite, so we used the left over sausage along with some sausage from the store. The sausage my sister cooked was fresh made sausage from a pig she had slaughtered a few weeks ago.
Once the fire in the pit was going good I placed the pan on the grates at least a foot above the flames, and added the cooked chopped sausage into the pan. I added in the peppers and onions and let them simmer for about half an hour before dumping in the huge can of beans and the entire package of shredded cheese.
I allowed this to cook for 4 hours over an open fire stirring every half hour. Wood was added as needed to keep it going so our baked beans would be done by the 2 pm lunch time.
All around the campsite food was being cooked; brother in law Willie was making brisket on his grill. While brother, Scott used the smoker to make Hawaiian chicken, as mom made chili dogs on her camp stove. Brother Trace made a wonderful pasta salad, which he brought up in the saddlebags of his Indian motorcycle, and Sister Diane made marinated chicken and brought it over when it was time to eat. The smell of all this food cooking made us, hungry and lunchtime could not come soon enough for any of us.
Of course, we had vegetables and desserts on the table and the food looked so inviting! The spread of food covered three tables placed end to end underneath a tarp. Now you know how too cook the baked beans for 62 people, go ahead, and make your own. Remember it was all cooked at the campsite over an open fire; it was easy to create and fed many people. After dinner, the pan of baked beans fit in a cooler of ice, and it was reheated the next morning for breakfast, along with plenty of fresh fruit.

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