Monday, July 21, 2014

Fire Pit, Build your own

Making a large fire pit for our family campground was essential, for cooking and relaxing around. We were fortunate enough to have plenty of strong men in the family who carried large rocks from the creek and surrounding woods to form a huge 5-foot wide by 10-foot fire pit that is perfect for us. It should be noted that fire pits should only be built on privately owned land.
Items needed
Large rocks (number depends on size of pit desired)
Naturally formed dip in the campsite 5 foot wide by 10 foot long
Wheelbarrow, truck and perhaps a pick axe or shovel
Find a natural depression in the middle of the campsite, which Mother Nature herself has created. This area needs to be free of trees, roots and small stones, which could become projectiles when heated. Make sure there is no brush or tree branches that over hang this area.
Locate the rocks to line the pit; you need several huge flat rocks to line the bottom of the fire pit. By large I mean rocks, which are at least a foot long, and flat, the creek is the perfect place to find these rocks. You may need the truck to transport these large rocks.
The sides of the pit are lined with smaller flat rocks, which are at least half a foot wide. These can be found in the creek as well but also around the camp site its self. Once all rocks are in place the fire pit is ready to use. There is no need to concrete these rocks together as that would take away from the natural look of the fire pit.
In this one photo, you can see how we can place a grate on the fire pit for cooking, but this is a great place to roast hot dogs or marshmallows. In another photo, you can see how we all gather around the fire pit at night in the campsite so that we can enjoy each other's company. The bonfire in the fire pit was so relaxing, and with all types of chairs and benches around it was the perfect close to many days on our family vacation.
What types of food can you create in a fire pit this size? How about camp fire home fries, in a large amount to feed a huge family or group. Simply grab tinfoil, a few five-pound bags of potatoes, chopped peppers, and onions. Tear of a piece of tin foil place a raw potato, peppers, onions, and seasonings and wrap it up in the tin foil, so that you have an odd shaped ball. Toss it in the fire pit near the fire, but not in it. Allow the potatoes to cook in the tinfoil packets until they can easily be poked with a fork.
What would a bonfire be without campfire smores? For a twist use chocolate grams crackers and skip, the chocolate candy bar.

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